After 33 years, I have pretty well adapted to being legally blind and know what my visual limitations are.  However, I have always had the drive to do more, learn something new and work with new technology.

I have used, or at least tried, just abut every adaptive device for someone with low vision from black and white and color CCTV units, tried protable CCTV devices, various telescopes and the JORDY (Joint Optical Reflecting Display) and a three or four different types of GPS.  The GPS has ranged from the Trekker another portable GPS to various phone-based applications.

Now comes eSight!  About three years ago, a Canadian company began making a high definition head-mounted magnification unit.  The $15,000 price-tag has quite possibly made eSight not gain the traction of much less expensive products like JORDY, however, JORDY is no longer available and to be quite honest there is nothing else on the market in terms of head-mounted technology for those with low vision.

So with 20/200 vision in my left eye and 20/400 acuity in my right, I traveled to Kansas City, MO in April to try eSight for myself!  I will admit that I was a bit uncertain of even doing the demo, but I knew that without trying, I would never know.  Long story short, I achieved near perfect vision, see my fundraising page for images of my results!

Now, here comes the fun part, putting together the $15,000 for eSight plus $1,000 to cover credit card processing fees!  Thanks to my fundraiser is off to a great start and an amazing video will be released soon!  If you are low vision, eSight is worth the look, and if it turns out not to be for you it was at least worth the look!

I am looking forward to the journey ahead, new adventures that I will have and the new things that are ahead!

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