Age is not a number, it is a state of mind!

I’m working on research to expand on my PhD dissertation so I can submit a book proposal at some point in the near future. The good thing about being done wiht the PhD is not having so many restrictions, so now I can pretty well read what I want and find out what I missed out on. While doing some reading today I expanded on something I thought about during the dissertation, but did not really have a good way to say. Age is not defined by a number, it is an attitude. With that in mind, I wanted to share this:

People who achieved great things later in life

Frank Lloyd Wright was working on the Guggenheim Museum when he died at age 91.

At age 70, Dr. William Worrall Mayo founded the Mayo Clinic
Irma Rombauer wrote The Joy of Cooking at age 60

Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal glasses at age 78 to correct his own visual issues

Just a thought for the day!

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