Don’t complain, volunteer!

Even with my educational background, and some pretty interesting experiences, learning to blog has been interesting. That is why you may have noticed that my bloc posts often include a link to more information or an article i found interesting.

The same can be said for this post. As I said on my personal Facebook page yesterday, “I have not said much, but all of the unrest in the world right now is disturbing to me.”

As I have been watching events unfold over the past few weeks, I have been thinking to myself “I wonder how volunteers could help make a differnece?” Obviously, all of us would like to see the violence simply stop, but we all know that this is not goign to just happen. So, the solution is to assist individuals who are victims of violence and the communities that surround them. It is important to remember that others, not just those who are physically harmed, have been forever changed by what has taken placed to their friend or loved one.

I encourage everyone to consider your own feelings. If something bothers you, do someting about it. Complaining, worrying and wondering what others will do will not do anything. Taking action will. The way you take action will differ from what someone else may do. For me, this blog post is my first action. As a Christian, my every-day action is to pray. As someone interested in virtual volunteerism I will be looking or opporutnities to help from afar.

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