My top habits!

I was recently asked to share my habits and attitudes in a compilation book written by Lance Casazza!  I am thrilled to be one of fifty-three individuals featured in the book and I think that you should all have a copy on your book shelf.  However, if you aren’t in the habit of buying books, I at least want to share the habits with you!

  • Make time for family, all the time. Family is everything and without it, one can feel empty.  Communicate your needs it’s your family, let them know what you are doing, how you are doing it and what you need from them to be successful.  Showing your children how you are successful will help them to intern be successful.
  • Get up and get going, start your day early. Set an alarm for a few weeks,  then before you know it, your body will be up and ready for the day.  Start your day with meaningful tasks that will help you be prepared for the day.  Eat well, go outside do something that makes you happy!
  • Purposely learn something new every day. This may be by reading, watching a documentary and talking with someone new.  Either way, take one hour each day to learn.
  • Make your e-mail and social media less of a priority. E-mail has become central to many workplaces and how many of us communicate.  However, it takes up a lot of time.  First thing in the work day, do the things that need the most attention, save your e-mail for when you have some down time or set a time to do it later in the day.  Social media is important to many businesses, however, the endless scroll on Facebook or Twitter takes valuable time away from the things that really matter.
  • Touch something as little a possible. What I mean here is things like a piece of mail.  Instead of taking it out of the mailbox and throwing it on the table, take it and do whatever really needs done with it.  For example, if it’s a magazine your are not going to read, throw it out immediately.  If its information about a project you are working on, put it in the project file.

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