A great portion of someones attitude is driven by positivity.  If someone is positive, glass half full versus half empty, they will be a more positive person.  Increased positivity increases drive and desire to develop and maintain good habits.  I think that the development of habits not only takes time, typically thirty days, but also the desire to do it.  One theory, in the social sciences, says that if an individual has the desire to perform an action they are more likely to do it.  Having the desire to be positive will increase the likelihood that it will happen!  Likewise, if the individuals in your life are positive, this will simply be an aid in the development of your own positive outlook on your life and the world around you.  As has been said in many books, articles and interviews over the years, surround yourself with the people who have the characteristics you desire.  I think this may be the biggest key to a positive attitude and outlook on life.

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