Servant leaders as board members/trustees

For those of us that work in the nonprofit sector, we are use to having, or being part of, a board.  Boards are great, they are necessary and they do important work.  However, in many cases they do it with somewhat of a disconnect from the organization.  They see themselves as being at the top and only there to make decisions.

Instead of simply attending meetings once a month, sitting on various committees and hopefully doing some work from home I believe that board members should be engaged in the organization on a more regular basis.  I am not calling out every nonprofit in the world, what I am saying is that a significant number could change the wy the board operates by encouraging board members to be engaged in the day-to-day activities of the organization.

When I was an intern at the Southern Prairie YMCA I became familiar with many of the board members.  I also became familiar with the fact that one of the local banks came out with an advertising campaign that basically said “________ makes great bankers”  Insert words like grandmother, volunteer and so on.  One campaign was just that “volunteers make great bankers.”  To the untrained eye, this may seem like just an advertising stunt, however, it was true reality.  I recall the photo clearly, I won’t use the name of the banker even though I know it, but the photo of him playing basketball with a few kids was absolute reality.

To all the board members, executives and stakeholders out there, I encourage you to get involved.  Be a servant and a leader!

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