Those close to me know that I recently stated researching the idea of Blue Zones.  This concept basically says that it is possible for individuals in a given geographic area to live longer if they all do the same things such as following diet, exercise and other activities.  The article found here talks about how stress plays a role in our lives.

I use to be a firm believer that stress in any form is a bad thing.  I am not saying that I was a totally zen person who thought we should all sit in little circle and hum, but I did feel that we should all be low stressed all of thetime.  I felt that if we had stress in our lives that it should be reduced and theat there are specific techniques that we should all utilize to do so.

After engaging in personal development activities, learning about motivation and personality types I have come to a new conclusion.  My new conclusion is that stress is not a bad thing.  A little of the proper kind of stress can be a good thing for some people.  If you are the type of person who works well under pressure then stress is a good thing.  What I say now is that we should not necessarily eliminate our stress but manage it.  As individuals we need to learn what kind of stress is good for us as an individuals and utilize that stress to our advantage.

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