10 daily activities

10 daily activities

I come across a lot of interesting life coaching exercises that are designed to motivate, inspire and engage individuals.  I have implemented several of these, but there is one that is especially interesting to me.

The idea is simple, make a list of five or ten things you want to accomplish, without question, every day.  As I said above, this is not hard (the making the list part) however, you may be surprised at how difficult it may be to implement, but over time it will take hold.  The most important thing, and I missed this myself at first, is to post the list.

Here is an example:

1. Kiss my wife
2. Spend time with my wife
3.  Brush the dog
5.  Shower
6. Have breakfast
7. Review daily schedule
8. Play guitar
9. Read
10. Listen to a podcast

My list obviously has the name of my wife and the name of the dog, but I removed those for privacy reasons.  The hard one on the list for me is playing guitar.  I love to play, and most days I pick up the guitar for a few seconds and strum a little or play something that has been in my head.  The hard part is sitting down and really playing, say for an hour or two.  However, that is the point of an exercise like this, to develop good habits.  I will also point out that I do show every day, but having it on the list is important because something seemingly simple like a shower can get omitted on particularly busy days for some folks.

What are your top ten things to do each day?

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