About Dr. J.

Dr. Jesse O. Bolinger,CNP, PhD (Dr. J) is an entrepreneur who has a variety of real-world experiences under his belt. Bolinger, founder of WebJOB Internet Services (1999), TechiePaws, Inc. (2009) and Bolinger Solutions (2016) believes in small businesses, local communities and helping others.

Born in March 1983, and diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, Bolinger grew up facing multiple challenges related to daily living. Many questioned his ability to be educated, or participate in a regular classroom setting. However, with the assistance of a team of individuals including his parents, experts and a wide range of other resources, Bolinger proved the impossible.

After graduation from Creston High School in May 2002, Bolinger obtained his Bachelors degree in Communication form Graceland University in the small Iowa community of Lamoni. Bolinger also earned minors in Leadership and Human Resources Management as well as the Certified Nonprofit Professional credential from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

After leaving Graceland, Bolinger immediately began studies with Regis University, in Denver, CO, through their online Masters of Nonprofit Management program. During this program, Dr. Gary Smith, a faculty member at Regis, encouraged Bolinger to pursue a PhD immediately after graduation. However, Bolinger chose to put his classroom knowledge to the test through the formation of TechiePaws, Inc.

After Bolinger allowed his knowledge to work and found other areas of interest it was time to take the advise of Dr. Smith and the opportunities offered by Capella University. Enrolling in the Public Service Leadership program, Bolinger quickly found an increased nation for volunteerism and a newfound nation for qualitative resarch and coaching.

Bolinger believe that everyone should have the opportunities to meet their goals regardless of their circumstances. He aspires to assist organizations of all sizes and types in meeting their volunteerism goals and in assisting individuals with the same.