motivationIn my experience, most people hear the term coaching and think one of two things: 1. You have to have no problems in your life to be a coach and 2. only rich people have coaches.  Neither of these statements are true.

I have my own set of problems and coaching has helped me work through them.  Some of the coaching I have done myself and some I have  received from people who have been coaches for years.

Second, you do not have to be rich to afford a coach.  Yes, I could charge several hundred dollars per session, but I beleive that the opportunities I have been given in life are a gift and gifts are worth sharing.  So, I want you to get the resources you need to improve your life in a way that works for you!

Coaching is great for

  • Students at any academic level
  • Individuals who are looking to make changes in their daily routine
  • Individuals who are looking to explore a new career, hobby or idea
  • Anyone who simply wants to see another perspective in life!